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Month: September 2016

Nissan Teana Suspension, Air conditioner, Axle boot, Nozzle cleaning,Tensioner Alternator, AC clutch pulley assembly ,Radiator

Hi Guys. We recently received one Nissan Teana which had noise from suspension and engine. Also the air conditioner wasn’t working. Since this car is not sold too much in India, there is always a shortage of parts even at dealers. We imported all the parts from Dubai and got the work done with a […]

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Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG 2010, Petrol – Not in use for years and then not working

Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG 2010, Petrol We had received one of our favourite car, Mercedes SL63 AMG. The car wasn’t used by the owner for more than three years as he was not in India. Once he was back the car wasn’t starting and none of the functions were working. After showing the car to many […]

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2008 Innova Type 2 converted to 2013 Type 4 – Upgrade/modification

Hi Guys. Our customer had come to us for options in what all can we do in his 2008 Innova Type 2. The overall car mechanical things including engine was very good though it was 1 lac+ kms run. We all know that Toyota cars have very good life. So there was no point investing lakhs of […]

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Mercedes Benz Fuel pump, crank shaft sensor, struts, fuel filter, mounting, tensioner, V belt and Idler pulley

We had a customer with 2007 Mercedes Benz Automatic petrol. The car had multiple issues and was shown to dealer and other workshops too. From a reference of our existing customer, the car came to Autorounders. The car had following issues. Fuel Pump            13,225 CrankShaft Sensor              6,670 Front Struts            18,285 Fuel Filter […]

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