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Month: December 2016

Turbo Idling – Are you following this procedure?

Our previous article here (http://www.autorounders.com/blog/what-is-turbocharged-engine/) gave an insight to how the turbo works. Like every mechanical object needs maintenance, turbochargers too require little care. An engine’s rpm ranges from 4500 to 7000 where as turbo rotates around 150,000 to 250,000 rpm. The air inside the turbocharger ranges from 150-250 Degrees C. Diesel engines are equipped […]

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Mercedes E220 CDI Service and brake pads – 2013

Hi Guys, We recently did a service and brake pads change of Mercedes E220 CDi 2013 model. Things we changed are as follows Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic, Wurth) Oil Filter (Henghs) Fuel Filter (Man) Air Filter (Mahley) AC Cabin Filter (Mahley) Brake Pads, all 4 (Brembo) Brake Sensors (Textar) Brake Oil (Textar) Air Filter Brake […]

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Hydrographics paint job on alloy wheels (Carbon Fibre)

Hi Guys, Sharing some of the Hydrographics paint job which we can do on any body parts of car, bike and also on alloy wheels. Please contact us on www.autorounders.com or call us on 7666-830-830 for more details For any car related mechanical or interior/exterior and customisation work, call us on 7666-830-830 or visit our website […]

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Innova customisation / modification from 2007 (type 1) to 2013 (type 4) with modified headlights

Hi Guys, We recently worked on an Innova 2007 model (type 1). Customer wanted a complete make over of the car from outside and inside. We decided to convert the car from 2007 to 2013 model and for interiors, we decided to change it completely. For more details, call/WhatsApp us on 7666-930-930 Below are few pictures […]

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