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Year: 2017

Honda City Type 2 Exterior Makeover Mumbai

Hi Everyone, Recently we at Autorounders got one of our all time cult favourite Honda City type 2 to work on. All the car enthusiasts will know for sure that Honda City type 2 was a car to die for considering the rev happy engine coupled with an outstanding bullet proof reliability which made it […]

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Genuine leather seat covers for Volkswagen Polo GT

Hi Everyone, Recently we at Autorounders worked on seats of an enthusiast’s car. The car on which we worked on is none other than Volkswagen Polo GT TSI. The GT name rings bells in every car enthusiast’s mind. The Polo GT TSI comes with an stonker of an engine coupled with a slick shifting 7 speed […]

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Innova Type 2 to Type 4 Modification

Hi Everyone, Over a period Autorounders is known as the one stop destination for a customized and modified Innova. One day the modification team got a call from a customer who wanted to modify his type 2 Innova to type 4. Every customer has different tastes about how his/her car needs to be done but […]

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Innova modification from Type 2 to Type 4

Hi Everyone, Recently we got one Innova from Surat for Type 4 modification. It came all the way to Mumbai for getting the job done. Following things were done in the car Complete modification from Type 2 to Type 4 Projector headlights with DRL LED tail lights with DRL Full Interior customisation with piano black […]

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Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Interior Modification

Hi Everyone, Recently we worked on Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. We did complete interior modification. Things we did in the car was as below Custom made fixed seat covers (good quality composite leather) Door pads in composite leather Complete dashboard, doors, side panel, all parts inside the car – painted in black All plastic panels on […]

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Modified Innova – Innova modification to Type 4 in Mumbai

Hello Proud Innova Owners, We all know that Innova is one such car which we never feel like selling but at the same time many of us get bored with the same look. So we at Autorounders have helped many of our customers by modifying old shape Innova to new shape Type 4 and also customise […]

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Innova modified to Type 4

Hi Everyone, We had received one Innova for Type 4 modification. The customer is famous TV actor Mr. Himanshu Soni and wanted to change the complete looks of his car from inside and outside. So we decided to convert the old shape Innova to Type 4 Innova and modified the complete interiors. Things we did […]

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Ford Endeavour Interior Modification

Hi Everyone, We recently received one Ford Endeavour for complete interior modification. It was 2011 Ford Endeavour for which the interior has been modified. The current interior was dull due to ageing. So we decided to give fresh looks to car from inside. Things we did in the car as below: Custom made fixed seat […]

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Modified Honda Accord

Hi Everyone, We had got one Honda Accord car of Mr. Himanshu Soni (Famous TV actor). Being a celebrity car, we wanted to do something different in this car. So we decided to go for full car paint job in the paint booth, complete interior modification, and alloy wheels in carbon fibre. By far, this […]

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Modified Innova – Type 4 – Mumbai

Hi Everyone, We recently worked on one Innova and modified it to Type 4, 2013 model. This Innova was painted in pearl white which is not available in the standard Innova colour shades. We were sceptical about pearl white colour, but the outcome was beautiful. Apart from  type 4 modification, this Innova also had projector headlights […]

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