Morris Minor 1954, UK Restoration in Mumbai

Morris, a British company known for its old school charm was one of the art work left in India by Britishers. One fine day the phone rang at Autorounders, It was a call with a very different request.

Customer – Hello! Is this Autorounders?

AR – Yes, Autorounders on the line how can we help you?

Customer – Can you guys restore a Vintage car.

AR – Yes ,we can. May we know the make and model of the car.

Customer – It’s a 1954 Morris Minor. Can you guys make the car run again?

AR – Yes, definitely !

Post that we went along with customer to get the car to our workshop. Team was eagerly waiting under the hot summer sun and a flatbed pulled in front of our workshop. On it stood a beautiful British Beauty which very much needed all the love and care to make it to the streets again.

The customer handed over the car keys to Team Autorounders  and said, ” make this car extra special, special enough so the people are forced to take a second look”.

Sharing few pics of the car.








Keeping in mind the expectations of the customer, the restoration team started working on the car which had become a piece of junk. That’s where laid the challenge;  to transform the piece of junk into a piece of art.

We slowly started dismantling the car only to hit various roadblocks as availability of pars were an issue; importing them was turning out to be very expensive so the only option left was too handcraft the body parts from sheet metal.


We started with the body work which included the Bonnet, doors, fenders, quarter panels. All the body parts were hand fabricated from sheet metal as getting new ones were not an option.

Some of the things like the unique front split windscreen frame, the rear windscreen frame, the bonnet with it’s inner frame were fabricated in the workshop.



Complete body alignment was done to bring the car’s body to its original shape.

As the car was left unattended for a very long time the chassis which forms the main structural rigidity had also corroded.



The new chassis was fabricated using heavy sheet metals and rods, making the new Chassis even sturdier  than the original. New brackets were made on the chassis to fit the rebuilt engine, gearbox and the propeller shaft.


The heart of the car – the engine was in a very sorry state which again needed our love and attention.

To start with we fabricated the radiator with heavy duty material including engine fan shroud to cool the engine the engine fan shroud was something not even present when the car rolled out of production line 70 years back it was made to let the engine cool easily and efficiently as it is an air cooled engine.

All the engine parts including pistons headsets etc were reconditioned. The carburetor, which is the lungs of the engine was reconditioned as per original style to allow easy functioning.


Other critical parts like the gearbox were completely dismantled and overhauled.

Before pic of Gearbox


After pic of Gearbox

New gear bearings with the help of turner were fabricated.


The clutch of this vintage beauty had gone through a lot of abuse in its haydays but we at Autorounders modified the complete clutch assembly and reintroduced it to the newly rebuilt engine.

A newly fabricated propeller shaft with reconditioned needle roller bearing and Universal joint crosses we’re given the duty of powering the wheels of the Morris. The differential and rear axle were reconditioned with the lot of man-hours going in to make it work on Mumbai roads with ease but at the same time the originality of the parts were maintained so that the Morris stays true to its vintage heritage. Suspensions are one of the most abused parts in a car due to the sorry state of roads, so we had to make sure that the reconditioned suspensions are reliable and sturdy enough to keep the car safe from scraping its belly on the roads. Moving and manoeuvring the Morris wouldn’t be easy task considering the heavy traffic of the town. For that we reconditioned the complete steering column overhauled with new steering ball joints and tie rod ends to make it smooth and effortless.

All the efforts till now were put on starting and moving the vintage beauty but now comes the part which is very crucial – to stop the Morris during emergencies – ‘the Brakes’. The front and rear brakes were overhauled with the master cylinder and wheel cylinders reconditioned. The brake drums were polished and cut to bring the Morris to a halt effectively and efficiently. New brake liners were fabricated and bonded to the old break shoes of all four wheels. Coming to the last part – the wiring, overcoat and upholstery – complete new wiring was done as per original style. The alternator assembly was modified then fitted to the newly built engine. Front headlights were replaced with imported German ones and tail lights replaced with new original units.

Car Interior

The complete interior beautification was done with original guages and dials along with seat covers, door pads, roof and steering wheel in genuine leather.






Concluding this project was not an easy one, there were many roadblocks which team Autorounders faced, but no one can beat a team with sheer determination and zeal to get this beauty alive and kicking. In the end all efforts paid off and the Morris finally got back to conquer the roads again like it did 70 years back.

Sharing few pics of the restoration done by Autorounders.










Finally, the Autorounders core team with the customer.

You can contact Autorounders on 7666-930-930 for any restoration related work. We are from Mumbai and apart from restoration, we are specialised in premium car repair, paint, modification, ceramic coating, interior customisation etc. Visit www.autorounders.com for more details.


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