Fiat Berlina – 1960 (WIP)

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The Fiat Berlina 1100 was introduced at the April 1953 Geneva Motor Show. Unlike the 1100 E it replaced, the Berlina had a modern four-door saloon pontoon body topping new unibody construction, both pioneered in Fiat's range by the 1950 1400. The 1,089 cc (66 cu in) overhead valve four-cylinder engine was fed by a single Solex or Weber downdraught carburettor, and put out 36 PS (26 kW) at 4,400 rpm—just one horsepower more than on the 1100 E. The 4-speed manual transmission had synchromesh on the top three speeds and a column-mounted shifter, fashionable at the time. The car also had rear wheel drive , independent wheel front axle with transverse leaf spring , rigid bridge rear axle with semi-elliptical longitudinal leaf springs and drum brakes on all wheels. The car could reach a top speed of 116 km/h (72 mph). The new model was offered in two different versions: the spartan Tipo A and richer Tipo B. A distinguishing feature of 103s throughout the 1950s were the doors, both hinged on the centre pillar; this would only change in 1960, when the 1100 started to adopt the more modern body-shell of the Fiat 1200 saloon. Another feature of the Berlina was the unique looking grill which was different as compared to the other versions of the 1100 series.
It was just another day at the workshop when this fiat berlina came into our workshop. The car entered in our shop in a very good condition considering its age. However, upon inspection we realised that the car required quite a bit of attention and love. There were few mechanical glitches in the engine, clutch, brakes and suspension which had to be taken care of. The car also required a fresh paint job which would restore its beauty. The Berlina has the same vibes as it had 58 years ago which is why our effort is to keep it as original as possible. To know more about the Berlina, stay tuned and keep following Autorounders.
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